Turkmen Furniture has been in the future industry since 1991. Our mission has been "Totaly Quality" from raw material to marketing. To reach our mission and the global criteria of furniture production, every single detail of raw material, semiproduct and final product are inspected very carefuly. From acceptance of order to transportation and marketing services, our mission has always been to keep the total quality of Turkmen Furniture at the very best. Our large selection and difference price options provides us to reach a very diverse customer type. All of Turkmen selections are products of years of extensive studies at the Turkmen Furniture research and development center where the gole is to produce with portability, functionality and comfortable. Turkmen selections has found a very wide acceptance in Turkey and abroad as a natural result of customer satisfaction Turkmen has 500 retail centers in domestic market, also exports more than 25 countries which are mainly European countries. From production to marketing, our main objective has always been to provide customer the best selection. Quality and the customer satisfaction is our main policy.

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